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Private Investigator Financing

Make Payments On Private Investigations

Do Private Investigators Take Payments?

Do Private Investigators take payments for their services or do you have to pay them up front? Legitimate Private Investigation Agencies Do Not take payments. They require a Retainer (Money you pay in advance normally $2500 - $5000) This can be with Credit Card, Debit Card or Cashiers Check. We understand that hiring a Private Investigator is an unexpected expense, so we offer Low Rates, Special Discounts and Do Not Require an Expensive Retainer.

We Offer Financing For Investigation Services

We have a partnership with PayPal to offer our clients 0% Financing for 6 Months. This allows you to start your investigation immediately then make payments over time. 

Learn About Free Private Investigator Financing

PayPal offers our clients and exclusive 0% APR Financing

Private Investigator Financing
Request Financing Information

Your request will be answered by a licensed private investigator. If you do not recieve a response within 12 hours please call 666-200-6929

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