California Private Investigator Gives Back During Corona Virus

Since 1994 California Private Investigations has helped clients through tough times. Today we are announcing our plan to help the people of California through the Corona Virus.

Private Investigator Help Corona Virus

California Private Investigator Helping During Corona Virus

For 25 years, California Private Investigations has helped our fellow Californians through tough times. Now we are face with more shutdowns than ever before and we are here to help.

Effective Immediately we will be offering surveillance video, photos and investigation report at No Charge. We are also discounting our surveillance investigation rates by $50.00 per hour. There's is no maximum on the discount and it is available on all surveillance investigations. See Here

Private Investigator Corona Virus Discounts

Discounted Investigation Services During Corona Virus

If you don't see your case type listed below, please CALL or EMAIL our offices. You can find a Private Investigator in your area by clicking HERE

Child Custody | Child Support | Cheaters Investigations | Cohabitation | Infidelity Cases | Spousal Support Modification | Deadbeat Parent Cases | Divorce Cases | Surveillance | Claims Fraud | Family Court Investigations | Workers' Compensation | Corporate Clients

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