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Since 1994 California Private Investigations has provided world class Investigations at Special Discounts, Low Rates and No RetainerFind The Best Private Investigator for your case in the areas of: San DiegoRiverside County, Inland Empire,  Orange CountyLos Angeles , San Bernardino,  Palm Springs, Ventura County, Central California, Fresno, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Sacramento, San FranciscoBay Area

Types Of Private Investigations

California Private Investigations

California Private Investigations has Private Investigators who will assist you step by step through the investigation process. Talk to a Licensed California Private Investigators who  Specialize inChild Custody  Child SupportInfidelity, Cheaters,  Divorce, AlimonySigns Of Infidelity, ClaimsInsurance Fraud, Trucking, Surveillance, Deadbeat, Spousal Support, Fathers Rights, Attorney Services  Corporate Investigations

California Cheaters Infidelity Investigation

California Cheaters Infidelity Investigation

With over 25 Years Of Experience Catching Cheaters. Stop worrying and living with the anxiety of Not Knowing. Professional Cheaters & Infidelity Investigators conduct Surveillance to Document where they go, Identify who they meet and obtain Video Evidence of their activities together. California Cheaters Investigations will get the proof you need Discreetly & Confidentially. Click to use our Signs Of Cheating tool


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How To Hire A Private Investigator?

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How to hire a Private Investigator? Hiring the best private investigator for your case in a crucial decision. With over 25 Years Experience and Licensed Private Investigators throughout California we make hiring a Private Investigator easy. A licensed private investigator will provide you with a Free Confidential Consultation. A private investigator in your area who specializes in your type of case will walk you through the investigation process. Your personal private investigator will get you the Lowest Rate and be there for you every step of the way. 

What Does A Private Investigator Charge?

Get The Lowest Rate When Hiring A Private Investigator

How much does a Private Investigator Charge? What is the cost to hire a Private Investigator? How to find the Best Deal? Get a Discount or the Lowest Rate for a Private Investigator in California? Since 1994 Private Investigator California has been dedicated to providing our clients The Best Private Investigation Services at an Affordable Rate. Get The Best California Private Investigator at a Special Discounts on Child Custody, Child Support, Infidelity, Divorce, Surveillance, Corporate Investigations, Insurance Claims and Trucking Investigations

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How To Find The Best California Private Investigator?

Tips On Finding The Best Private Investigator Near You

With Licensed Private Investigators throughout California, finding the Best California Private Investigator is just a click away. For a Free Confidential Consultation just click an image below and you will will be directed to the best private investigator near you. San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange County, Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Ventura County, Central Valley, Central Coast, Sacramento, San Francisco Bay Area

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What Is A California Private Investigator?

California Business & Professions Code: Private Investigator (1) investigates crimes (2) identity, business, occupation, character of a person (3) lost or stolen property, fires, accidents, damage or injury (4) secures evidence for use in court. Since 1994 we have been assisting clients with personal & business investigations. Learn how to find the best private investigator.

How To Find The Best Private Investigator?

Since 1994 our licensed Private Investigators have specialized in conducting investigations and providing our clients world class investigative services at an affordable rate. See what services we can provide you.

How To Find The Best Child Custody Private Investigator?

The California Family Courts set Child Custody and visitation of children

Legal Custody: the person who makes important decisions for your children.
Physical Custody: the person who the children live or reside with.

Joint Custody: Both parents make decisions regarding the children.
Sole Custody: One parent makes important decisions regarding the children.

Custody Attorney: We work with your attorney to win your Child Custody case

How to find the best Child Custody Private Investigator to win your Child Custody Case 

Private Investigator Child Custody

How To Find The Best Child Support Private Investigator?

California Superior Court sets the amount of Child Support to be paid.

Income: False income report can affect the amount of Child Support.
Cohabitation: A parent residing with another person to share bills.

Support Modification: Change in the amount of Child Support.
Deadbeat: A parent who doesn’t pay the Court Ordered Child Support.

Support Attorney: We work with your attorney to win your Child Support case


How to find the best Child Support Private Investigators to Collect, Modify and Establish Child Support. 

Private Investigator Child Support

How To Find The Best Private Investigator To Catch A Cheating Spouse?

5 of the top 15 signs that your spouse is Cheating or having an Affair

1) Gets home late from work or starts working longer hours.
2) Change in Hair Style, Clothing, Cologne or Perfume.

3) Hides or password protects their cell phone.

4) Has a separate Credit Card, Debit Card or Bank Account
5) Just showered or takes a shower immediately when arriving home.


Stop living with the anxiety of Not Knowing. The Best Infidelity Investigators get proof so you can have peace of mind or the evidence you need to protect yourself and your children.

Private Investigator Cheating Infidelity

How To Find The Best Private Investigator For Divorce Cases?

Divorce Investigators Specialize in California Divorce Cases

Assets: Hidden Assets, False Income Records, Bank Accounts, Real Estate.
Prenuptial Agreements: Violation of agreement such as Adultery or Cheating

Spousal Support: Identify all property and assets and future entitlements.
Child Support: True income and earnings for Court Ordered Child Support.

Divorce Attorney: We work with your Divorce Attorney to prove your case


The best Divorce Private Investigator Make sure the court has all the facts.

Private Investigator Divorce

How To Find The Best Surveillance Private Investigator?

Surveillance is used to obtain Video Evidence of activities

Cheating & Infidelity: Video proof of a Cheating Spouse or Infidelity.
Child Support: Video of Employment, Income, Deadbeat, Cohabitatio

Child Custody: Video Evidence of Neglect, Endangerment and Care of Child
Business: Claims Fraud, Theft, Workers Compensation, Employee Termination


The best Private Investigator for Surveillance Investigations utilize specialized driving techniques, state of the art equipment and over 20 years of experience to obtain Video Evidence for your case.

Private Investigator Surveillance

How To Find The Best Corporate Private Investigator?

Corporate Investigators protect your company’s interests and assets

Employee Theft: Inventory, Productivity, Embezzlement, Cargo, Warehouse 

Claims Fraud: Workers’ Compensation, Liability, Psychological Claims

Out-Side Sales: Productivity, Drug/Alcohol Use, Theft, Violation of Policy
Property: Intellectual, Copyright, Clients, Poaching, Physical Assets

Corporate Attorney: We work with your attorneys to protect your business


Find the best Corporate Investigators & Business Private Investigator to protect your business.

Private Investigator Business Corporate

How To Find The Best Insurance Claims Fraud Private Investigator?

California employers are required to have workers' compensation insurance

Insurance Claims: Home Owner Claims, Injury Claims, Liability Claims

Workers’ Compensation: AOE/COE, Subrosa, Claimant, WCAB, Activity Check

Malpractice: Medical Malpractice Defense, Negligence Claims, Psychological
Insurance Fraud: Exaggerated Claims, Psychological Claims, Soft Tissue Injury

Surveillance: Surveillance experts obtain video evidence of insurance fraud

The best Claims Private Investigator: Injured Worker, Claimant, AOE/COE, Claims Investigations, Sub-Rosa, Surveillance, 

Private Investigator Claims Defense

How Much Does A Private Investigator Cost?

Is Hiring A Private Investigator Expensive?

A common questions "How Much Does A Private Investigator Cost?" "What Does A Private Investigator Charge?" The cost for a licensed private investigator in California can vary, based on Location, Experience, Type Of Investigation and Overhead.

Since 1994 California Private Investigation Services has made it our mission to provide the best investigation services at an affordable rate. We have established licensed private investigators throughout California making it easy and cost effective to find a private investigator near you. With over 24 years of experience our investigators have the expertise to get the evidence you need to win your case. No matter what type of case, we have private investigators with the experience to get the result you demand at a rate you can afford. With the overhead of fancy offices and a large in house staff, a licensed private investigator in California can cost $150. to $175. per hour. With our experience and resources we can save our clients $1,000's off the cost of a private investigation.

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Santa Barbara County

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  • Goleta

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San Luis Obispo County

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Central Valley Investigations:

  • Antioch

  • Auburn

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  • Clovis

  • Fresno

  • Kingsburg

  • Manteca

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  • Reedley

  • Riverdale

  • San Joaquin

  • Stockton

  • Squaw Valley

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  • Turlock

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  • California City

  • Ridgecrest

  • Tehachapi

  • Tulare

  • Maricopa

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  • Oildale

  • Visalia

  • Rosamond

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  • Edwards AFB

  • Frazier Park

  • Kernville

  • Lake Isabella

  • Mojave

  • Porterville

  • Weldon


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Find the best private investigator in Sacramento Area Cities

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Sacramento Investigations:

  • Antelope

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  • Auburn

  • Carmichael

  • Citrus Heights

  • Clay

  • Davis

  • Elk Grove

  • Fair Oaks

  • Florin

  • Folsom

  • Foothill Farms

  • Freeport

  • Galt


  • Herald

  • Isleton

  • Laguna

  • La Riviera

  • Lodi

  • North Highlands

  • Orangevale

  • Rancho Cordova

  • Rosemont

  • Roseville

  • Sacramento

  • Sheldon

  • Vacaville

  • Walnut Grove


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San Francisco Investigations:

  • Alameda

  • Berkeley

  • Castro Valley

  • Contra Costa

  • El Cerrito

  • El Sobrante

  • Emeryville

  • Fremont

  • Half Moon Bay

  • Hayward

  • Hillsborough

  • Oakland

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  • Pleasanton

  • Pinole

  • Marin

  • Milpitas

  • Monterey

  • Mountain View

  • Napa


  • Newark

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  • Redwood City

  • Richmond

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  • San Francisco

  • San Jose

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  • San Pablo

  • Santa Clara

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  • Silicon Valley

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  • Union City

  • Vallejo