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I had been fighting for custody of my 2 girls for three years. The court wasn't doing anything and I couldn't take anymore. I hired this company and they got evidence of everything I was telling the court. My attorney was able to put several court orders in place and only allows their dad supervised visits.

Joyce M.   


Even though I had an attorney and reports from the court counselor, the judge did not believe my kids were in danger. The child custody investigator got evidence of driving with no car seats, leaving them unattended and drinking and driving. Thank You So Much



I was a wreak not knowing if my kids were safe. They helped me get my kids out of that unsafe apartment. I was able to get full custody and court ordered child support. You have no idea how nice it is to have my kids safe at home.

Emma M.   

Taking Care of the Kids
What Is A Child Custody Investigator

What Is A Child

Custody Investigator?

How Can A Child Custody Investigator Help You Win Your Case? A Child Custody Investigator gathers evidence to be used during mediation and in court.  Helping Our Clients Win Since 1994. Learn about Child Custody and how a Child Custody Investigator can help you win your case.

Private Investigator Child Custody Surveillance

Child Custody Surveillance

What Is A Child Custody  Surveillance? Surveillance is used to obtain evidence for your Child Custody Case. Court Order Violations, Change In Parenting Time, Child Endangerment, Establishing Custody, Emergency Hearings. Learn more about our Surveillance Services.

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Find The Best Child Custody Investigator 

How To Find The Best Child Custody Investigator at the Lowest Rate? With over 25 Years Experience, California Child Custody Investigations provide you with the best service at our Lowest Rate. Get A Free Confidential Consultation and let us help you win your Child Custody Case.

How To Hire The Best Child Custody Investigator?

How To Hire The Best California Child Custody Investigator Near You? With 25 years experience, California Child Custody Investigations are experts at assist our clients and their Child Custody Attorney Win Child Custody and protect children.  Since 1994 California Child Custody Investigations has offered the Lowest Rates on Child Custody Investigations. Hire The Best Child Custody Private Investigator with a Free Confidential Consultation and get the Lowest Rates.

Find A Child Custody Private Investigator Near You?

How To Find A Child Custody Private Investigator Near You? Since 1994 California Child Custody Investigations has made finding the best California Child Custody Investigator easy. With just one click you will be connected with an Licensed Child Custody Investigator near you. Your personal investigator will walk you through the Child Custody Investigation process and be there for you every step of the way.

Find A Child Custody Investigator In Your Area:

California Child Custody


The California family court system set child custody and visitation of children.

What Is Child Custody?

What Are The Types Of Child Custody?

Legal Custody: is the person who makes important decisions for your children.
Physical Custody: is the person who the children live or reside with.
Joint Custody: Both parents share responsibility to make the important decisions regarding the children.
Sole Custody: One parent has responsibility to make the important decisions regarding the children.

Parents with Legal Custody make decisions or choices about their children’s:
School; Child care; Residence; Religious activities; Doctors; Extracurricular activities
Parents who share legal custody both have the right to make decisions about their children’s lives.

Physical Custody can be: Joint, which means that the children live with both parents.
Sole or Primary, means children live with one parent most of the time and usually visit the other parent.
Joint Physical Custody doesn't mean the children must spend exactly half the time with each parent.
When one parent has the children more than half of the time, it is called “primary custody

Custody also called “time-share” is the plan for how the parents will share time with the children.  
Custody orders vary depending on the best interests of the children, and the parents situation.

Detailed Custody: is an strict list of dates and times when each parent will have custody.
Reasonable Custody: Allow the parents to work it out custody between them.
Supervised Custody: Used when children’s safety and well-being require visits be supervised.
No Custody: When custody with a parent would be physically or emotionally harmful to the children.

Violation Of Child Custody Order

What Is A Child Custody Violation?

What Is Violation Of Child Custody? When there is a Violation Of Child Custody Order proof of the violation must be proven.Types of Child Custody Violations include:Alcohol; Drugs; Cohabitation; Association with Criminal Element; Late to school; Missing custody times or dates; Failure to comply with court order; Violating restraining order; Leaving children in the custody of an unauthorized or restricted person.

Change Child Custody Order

How To Change A Child Custody Order?

How To Change Child Custody? To change Child Custody, a parent must show just cause for the change. Parent moving out of the area; Change in employment; Ability to care for children; Parent's current relationship or divorce; Living conditions; Loss of employment; Custody with a parent would be physically or emotionally harmful to the children. Child Abuse; Drug Abuse; Abusive Parenting; Incarceration; Child neglect.

Win Child Custody Case

How To Win Child Custody Case?

How To Win Child Custody? Our licensed Child Custody Private Investigators document violations and gather evidence for court or use by your Child Custody Attorney. We use undercover and covert surveillance to obtain video evidence of violations or abuse. Conduct interviews of witnesses and neighbors to obtain statements of violations or abuse. You receive a copy of the surveillance video and a detailed report. Find The Best Child Support Private Investigator in your area.

Child Custody Investigator

Find The Best Child Custody Investigator

Hiring a Child Custody Investigator can be scary and intimidating. There are several factors to consider when looking for a child custody investigator: cost, experience, licensing, and ability to work with your attorney or court representative. This free video will give you the key things to look for to find The Best Child Custody Private Investigator. Contact us for a Free Confidential Consultation. We are here to assist you every step of the way.

Child Custody Invesigations

How Child Custody Invesigations Work

How do Child Custody Investigations work? This free video will explain how Child Custody Investigators provide the court with evidence that can be used during Custody Mediation and Counseling to determine Custody Orders, Visitation, Custody and Parenting Time. Child Custody Investigations are also used to show Parental Incompetence, Child Endangerment, Child Neglect, Violation of Court Order, Drug or Substance Abuse. Have questions? Contact us for a Free Confidential Consultation

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