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Private Investigator Divorce

Private Investgator For Divorce


I needed to get a lot of evidence for my divorce and this company delivered. It was quick, easy and the discounts saved me a lot of money

M. Chase   


Cohabitation was something my attorney was trying to prove. The investigators got everything we needed. I wish I would have called them sooner.

John P   


My ex wanted full custody so I would have to pay her more child support. I was able to protect my parenting time and pay what is fair

B. Fleming   

Smiling Lawyer

The Best Divorce Investigators

Find the Best Divorce Investigator. We will walk you through the process and provide you with our Lowest Rates and a Free Confidential Consultation

Divorce Investigation Services



Need evidence for court? See our list of investigation services Infidelity | Assets | AlimonyChild Support | Child CustodyFamily Court | Cohabitation 

How to save money on a divorce

How To Save Money On Divorce

Since 1994 California Divorce Investigations has offered our clients Special Low Rates for Divorce Investigation Services. Learn how to save money

How To Find A Divorce Investigator Near You?

How to find The Best Divorce Private Investigator in your area? Hiring a Private Investigator can be scary and intimidating. There are several factors to consider when looking for a Divorce Investigator: cost, experience and licensing. This free video will give you the key things to look for to find The Best Private Investigator for your Divorce Investigations. Contact us for a Free Confidential Consultation.

How Can A Divorce Investigator Help With Your Case

Get Free information on the benefits of a Divorce Investigation. Having evidence is important to show the Divorce Court the truth. Identifying and Locating Hidden Assets, Income, Employment, Infidelity, Child Custody, Child Support, Alimony, Proof of Cheating or an Affair, Drug or Alcohol Abuse, Domestic Violence. Contact us for a Free Confidential Consultation

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