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How To Catch A Cheater?

Cheaters Investigator
Signs Of Infidelity & Cheating

Signs Of Infidelity & Cheating

Are you asking, Is My Wife Cheating? Is My Husband Cheating? Use our Free Tips & Tools to identify the Signs Of Cheating & Infidelity. You will have access to a Licensed Cheaters Investigator who will answer all your questions. It's 100% Free & Confidential

How To Get Proof Of Infidelity

How To Get Proof Of Infidelity?

If you feel your partner is cheating, chances are Your Right! Have you confronted them and they say Your Crazy? Making It Up? Don't Trust Them? Since 1994 our Infidelity Investigators discreetly get Proof Of Infidelity so you can STOP living with the anxiety of Not Knowing

Find The Best Cheaters Investigator

The Best Cheaters Investigators

Get The Lowest Rate On Cheater Investigations

Since 1994 California Cheater Investigations has given our clients Peace Of Mind from the worry of a Cheating Husband, Wife, Girlfriend, Boyfriend or Partner.

Get the Best Cheater Investigator for the Lowest Rate, Special Discounts & Free Confidential Consultation

Private Investigator Financing

Cheaters Top 5 Signs Your Partner Is Cheating

What Are Signs Of A Cheater?

5 of the top 15 signs that your spouse is Cheating or having an Affair

1) Spends more time at work, works longer hours, longer commute.
2) Starts working out, change in diet, clothing, hair style.

3) Nervous on cell phone, password protects their phone.

4) Wears different or starts wearing cologne or perfume 
5) Already showered or takes a shower when arriving home.


Stop living with the anxiety of Not Knowing. Our Infidelity Investigators get proof of Cheating so you can have peace of mind and the evidence you need to protect yourself and your children.

What Are Signs Of A Cheater?

How To Find The Best Cheater Investigator?

How To Find The Best Infidelity Investigator?

Since 1994 we have specialized in Cheating cases. With 1000's of successful  Infidelity Investigations you can get The Best Investigator and The Best Rate


Starting with a Free Confidential Consultation, we will explain and walk you through the process. We will establish the best day and time to conduct surveillance to identify and document who they meet and their activities. We will communicate with you every step of the way and provide you with photos and a copy of the surveillance video.

You Not Alone, We're Here To Help

Find The Best Infidelity Investigator

What Is Cheaters Surveillance?

What Is Infidelity Surveillance?

Infidelity Surveillance is when a licensed private investigator legally follows an individual to document their activities and obtain video evidence with regards to Cheating and Infidelity. Surveillance Investigators utilize specialized driving techniques, state of the art equipment and over 25 years of experience.


Surveillance Video Will:
Document Cheating & Infidelity: Video proof of Cheating and Infidelity.
Identify Individuals : Video of who they meet and their activities.

Verify Locations: Video will show where they are at a specific Date & Time

Private Investigator Surveillance

How Do I Know When My Partner Is Cheating?

How Do I Know When My Partner Is Cheating?

We have been investigating Cheaters Since 1994. We use our expertise to assist you in determining when your partner may be Cheating.

At Work: Lunchtime, Works In The Field Or Different Locations.
After Work: Getting Home Late, Blames Traffic or Work Hours.

Weekends: Going Out With "Friends" Makes New Friends.
Opportunity: Cheats When There's An Opportunity.

Affair: Ongoing Relationship, Co-Worker, Neighbor or Friend


Get A Free Confidential Consultation

How Do I Know When My Partner Is Cheating

How Much Does A Cheating Investigation Cost?

A common questions "How Much Does A Cheating Investigation Cost?" "What Does A Infidelity Investigator Charge?" The cost for a California Infidelity Investigator can vary, based on Location, Experience, Hours and Overhead.

Since 1994 California Infidelity Investigation Services has made it our mission to provide the best Cheating Investigation Services at the Lowest Possible Rate. We have Infidelity private investigators throughout California making it easy and cost effective to find a licensed investigator near you. With over 25 years of experience our Infidelity Investigators have the expertise to get you evidence and bring you peace of mind. 

The Lowest Rates & Free Confidential Consultation

Get The Best Price on The Best Infidelity Investigators in California. We cut Overhead not Quality to provided our clients with world class service at an affordable rate.

Find Cheaters Investigator In Your Area

With Licensed Private Investigators throughout California, finding the Best California Private Investigator is just a click away. For a Free Confidential Consultation just click an image below and you will will be directed to the best private investigator near you. San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange County, Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Ventura County, Central Valley, Central Coast, Sacramento, San Francisco Bay Area

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