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Private Investigator Attorney Services

California Legal Investigators

California Legal Investigators

Since 1994 California Legal Investigators have assisted Attorneys and Law Firms gather evidence to win their case. Find a Legal Investigator in you area.

Legal Investigation Services

Legal Investigation


Legal Investigations is a full service investigation agency with over 25 years experience. Child Support, Child Custody, Cohabitation, Surveillance, Support Modification

Find the best divorce private investigator surveillance



Our Surveillance Investigators use state of the art equipment to obtain time & date stamped video evidence. Along with a detailed report that accurately describes the video evidence. 

Special Discounted Investigation Rates For Lawyers and Law Firms

Special Discounted

Attorney Rates

We offer Attorneys and Law Firms special discounted pricing on all our investigation services. You can pass the discount along to your client or add it to your profit margin.

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