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Private Investigator Surveillance

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How Do Surveillance Investigatins Work?

How Do Surveillance

Investigations Work?

Surveillance is used to follow a person(s) and obtain video evidence of their activities. The Surveillance video and report can be used in Court. Types of cases Surveillance is used. 

Child Custody Surveillance

Child Custody


Child Custody Surveillance is used to obtain video evidence of Child Abuse, Neglect, Violation of Court Orders, Parenting Time, First Right Of Refusal, Care Of Child, Alcohol & Drug Abuse. 

The Best Child Support Surveillance Investigator

Child Support


Child Support Surveillance is used to obtain video evidence for collection or modification of Child Support. Deadbeat Parent, False Income Claims, Paid Cash, Self Employed, Cohabitation 

Cheaters & Infidelity Surveillance

Cheaters & Infidelity


Cheaters Surveillance is used to discreetly obtain video proof of Cheating & Infidelity. Night Vision Covert & Hidden Cameras are used to Bust Cheaters. Use The Free How To Catch A Cheater 


This company came through for me. It was an easy process and cost way less than I thought it would.             Jan


My ex wasn't giving me first right of refusal and the investigator got video of it.                                                T. M.


My kids father was lying about his income. They got evidence of income, cars and a house.                    Fran


I'm not crazy and now I have the proof.  I wish I would have called the cheaters investigator sooner.            Morgan

How To Hire A Surveillance Investigator?

How To Hire A Surveillance Investigator? Since 1994 California Surveillance Investigations has obtained video evidence for our clients. Hire California Surveillance Investigation with a Free Case Analysis and a Confidential Consultation

How Much Does A Surveillance Cost?

How Much Does A Surveillance Cost In California? Since 1994 California Surveillance Investigations has provided our clients with world class services at the Lowest Rates in California. Our Licensed Surveillance Investigators will assist you through the investigation process and get you the Lowest Surveillance Rates in California. Get a Free Confidential Consultation

What is Surveillance?

For the purpose of Private Investigations, Surveillance is used to document activities on video. There are many types of Surveillance Investigations and methods of obtaining video evidence.

Types Of Surveillance

Infidelity Surveillance:
Cheating, Affair, Adultery, Cheaters 

Cheating Spouse Surveillance:
Cheating Husband, Cheating Wife

Child Custody Surveillance:Child Endangerment, Neglect, Safety


Child Support Surveillance:
Identify Employment, Prove Income


Child Support Modification:

Modify Child Support Payments


Cohabitation Surveillance:
Spousal Support Modification


Divorce Surveillance:

Infidelity, Alimony, Custody & Support

Spousal Support Surveillance:
Spousal Support Modification

Deadbeat Parent Surveillance:

Collect Support From Deadbeat


Fathers Rights Surveillance:
Fathers Rights & Dads Law Cases


Family Court Surveillance:

Family & Superior Court Cases


Attorney Services Surveillance:
Surveillance For Law Firms


Surveillance Costs:
Low Rates & Special Discounts


Request Surveillance Investigation:

Free Confidential Case Analysis

Workers' Compensation Surveillance:
Subrosa, Activities Check, WCAB

Insurance Claims Surveillance:

Injury, Property, Homeowners, Fraud


Claims Fraud Surveillance:
Exaggerated Claims, Claims Fraud


Corporate Surveillance:

Partner, Executive, Employee, Client


Embezzlement Surveillance:
Patent, Intellectual Property, Inventory


Out Side Sales Surveillance:
Productivity, Drug / Alcohol Use


Trucking & Cargo Surveillance:

Cargo Theft, Warehouse, Injury, Claims

Is Hiring A Private Investigator For Surveillance Legal?

Is Hiring A Private Investigator For Surveillance Legal? In the State of California it is legal for a Licensed Private Investigator to conduct Surveillance. There are law in which the Private Investigator must adhere to in order to perform a legal surveillance. 

Will Hiring A Private Investigator Violate A Restraining Order?

Hiring a Private Investigator can be a Violation Of Restraining Order. It is highly advised to inform a Private Investigator that there is a Restraining Order prior to getting started. You still have the right to an investigation even if there is a Restraining Order, however there are certain legalities that must be adhered to.

Find The Best Surveillance Investigator In Your Area

How to find The Best Surveillance Private Investigator? Hiring a Private Investigator can be intimidating. There are several factors to consider when looking for a Surveillance Investigator: cost, experience, license and equipment. Since 1994 our clients have rated us with 5 Star reviews. Read our reviews and contact us for a Free Confidential Consultation.

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