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Since 1994 California Private Investigation Services is a full service Private Investigation Agency providing Investigation services throughout California. Our agents specialize in their field of expertise and will assist your with you case every step of the way. Finding The Best Private Investigator for your case is simple and easy. Private Investigators specialize in Child Custody, Child Support, Cheating, Infidelity, Cheaters Investigations, Surveillance, DivorceCohabitation, Spousal Support Modification, Corporate, Claimant, Trucking, Injury Claims Defense.

Child Custody Private Investigator
Private Investigator Child Support
Private Investigator Infidelity Cheating Spouse

Child Custody Case


Our Child Custody Investigators specialize in Child Custody Cases. We will work with your Attorney to present evidence to the Court and CPS Child Protective Services. If you don't have an Attorney, we will help you fight for the custody of your child. Learn how to win your child custody case.



Child Support Case


Are you tired of trying to collect from a Deadbeat Parent? Our Child Support Investigators identify employment, income, assets and help you collect Child Support. We specialize in self-employed, paid under the table, hidden assets, fraud, and false income statements.



Infidelity & Cheating


Are you asking: How to tell is my spouse is cheating? How to catch a cheater? Is my husband having an affair? Is my wife having an affair? Infidelity is the number one cause of divorce. We will help you identify the Top 10 Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating and 5 Ways To Catch A Cheater



Private Investigator Divorce

Divorce Investigation


Divorce is a difficult time for individuals and families. With divorce rate over 60% it is important to protect yourself, your assets and your children. Divorce Investigators specialize in identifying evidence for Divorce Proceedings. Don't go to Divorce Court alone.



The Best Private Investigator For Surveillance
The Best Business Corporate Private Investigator

Surveillance Cases


With over 25 Years Experience, our expert Surveillance Investigators use state of the art equipment and expertise to get video evidence for Infidelity CheatersChild Custody, Child Support, Cohabitation, Workers' Compensation, Claims Fraud,  and Corporate Investigations.



Business / Corporate


Our Corporate Investigators specialize in investigations related to Small Businesses, too Large Corporations with: Employee Theft, Claims Investigations, Audits, Fraud, Premises Liability, Surveillance, Intellectual Property, Personal Injury, Security, Employee Termination.



The Best Insurance Claims Private Investigator
The Best Industrial Trucking Private Investigator

Insurance Claims


Our Workers' Compensation Fraud Investigators specialize in Claimant Investigations including AOE-COE, Statements, Activity Check, Surveillance, Subrosa, Locate Investigations, WCAB Testimony. We have investigated some of the largest fraud cases in California history



Industrial Trucking


Our Industrial Trucking and Warehouse Investigators Investigate and identify: Theft, Embezzlement, Safety, Accident, Injury Claims, Workers' Compensation, Claims Fraud, Cargo Theft, Out-Side Sales, Surveillance, Claimant Fraud, Fuel Theft and Corporate Investigations.



Legal Investigations

Legal Investigations and Attorney Services can include Asset Investigations, Locate & Background Investigations, Witness Statements, Surveillance, DivorceAlimony & Spousal Support Modification, Liability, Cohabitation, Personal Injury, Lawsuits, Litigation, Attorney Work Product 


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