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Private Investigator Industrial Trucking

Private Investigator Industrial Trucking

Petroleum Transport 

Hired the investigators to look into drivers stealing fuel. Now we use them regularly at all our yards.


Yard Theft 

We have a shared yard and theft was a problem. They got video of the theft and followed them home.

J Gonzales   

Insurance Fraud 

An employee claimed an injury. They did surveillance and got him working. He dropped the claim.

George L.   

Caught Stealing 

A long time employee had his wife meeting him on his route. Everyday they were stealing from us.


Find the best trucking private investigator

Industrial & Trucking Investigators


Since 1994 California Industrial Investigators has protected Cargo, Freight & Trucking companies from Theft, Claims Fraud, Loss. Find An Experienced Investigator Near You

Cargo & Freight Investigations

Cargo & Freight



Don't Rely On Fleet Or GPS Tracking To Protect You From Loss. Over 28 years experience securing evidence of Cargo & Freight theft. Get a Free Case Analysis and our Corporate Discount

Insurnce Injury Claims Defense

Insurance & Injury

Claims Defense


Over 28 Years Experience Investigating Exaggerated & Fraudulent Claims. Insurance, Personal Injury, Accident, Fraud Workers' Compensation, Claimant Investigations. Learn About Claims Investigations

Private Investigtaor Trucking Cargo Surveillance

Trucking & Freight



Expert Surveillance Investigators obtain video evidence to be used for disciplinary, termination and criminal action. Drivers, Staff, Warehouse Workers, Loaders, Claims Defense.

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