Private Investigator Industrial Trucking

Private Investigator Industrial Trucking

Petroleum Transport 

Hired the investigators to look into drivers stealing fuel. Now we use them on a regularly at all our yards.


Yard Theft 

We have a shared yard and theft was a problem. They got video of the theft and followed them home.

J Gonzales   

Insurance Fraud 

Had an employee how claimed an injury. They did surveillance and got him working. He dropped the claim.

George L.   

Caught Stealing 

A long time employee had his wife meeting him on his route. Everyday they were stealing from us.


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Since 1994 California Industrial Investigators has protected Cargo, Freight & Trucking companies from Theft, Claims Fraud, Embezzlement, Loss, Performance & Productivity. Find An Investigator Near You

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Don't Rely On Fleet Or GPS Tracking To Protect You From Loss. 25 years of experience we are experts at securing evidence of Cargo & Freight theft. Get a Free Case Analysis and our Corporate Discount

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25 Years Experience Investigating Exaggerated & Fraudulent Claims. Insurance, Personal Injury, Accident, Fraud Workers' Compensation, Claimant Investigations. Learn About Claims Investigations

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Expert Surveillance Investigators  obtain video evidence to be used in disciplinary, termination and criminal action. Drivers, Staff, Warehouse Workers, Loaders, Claims Defense. Learn More About Surveillance Investigations