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Private Investigator Claims Defense

Private Investigator Claims Defense
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Claims Defense Investigators

Since 1994 our Claims Defense Investigators have protected Individuals, Businesses and Insurance Companies from fraudulent and exaggerated claims. Find a Claims Defense Investigator in your area.

Insurance Claims Investigations

Insurance Claims Investigations

Over 28 years experience investigating insurance claims. Personal Injury, Automobile, Workers' Compensation, Slip & Fall, Malpractice, Property, AOE-COE, Surveillance. Get A Free Case Analysis

The Best Workers Compensation Private Investigator

Workers' Compensation Investigation

Workers' Compensation and Claimant Investigations identify exaggerated and fraudulent claims. WCAB, Claimant Investigations, Subrosa, Activity Checks, Surveillance, AOE-COE, Claims Fraud.

Private Investigtaor Claimant Surveillance

Surveillance Investigations

Our Licensed Surveillance Investigators use state of the art equipment and expertise to obtain video evidence that can be used in Mediation, Medical Evaluations, Settlement Hearings, WCAB and at Trial.

Insurance Claims Investigations

Insurance Claims Investigators with walk you through the investigation process. We will answer all you questions on the types of Insurance Claims Investigations and the steps to Insurance Claims Defense.


Our Claims Investigators specialize in Claimant Investigations, AOE-COE, Workers' Compensation, Subrosa, Surveillance, Homeowner Claims, Personal Injury Defense, Premise Liability, Product Liability, Automobile,  Witness Statements, Medical Evaluation, Activities Checks, Medical Malpractice Defense and Claimant Fraud.


We offer Discounted Insurance & Third Party Administrator Rates. Contact us for a Free Confidential Consultation

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