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Superior Family Court Investigator

Save Money On Family Court Investigations

How Can A Superior & Family Court Investigator Help Win Your Case?

Since 1994 Superior & Family Court Investigations has gathered and obtained evidence to be used in court. Learn how a licensed court investigator can help you with your case.

Child Custody Investigator

Child Custody Case


How Child Custody Investigators obtain evidence that can be used in Child Custody Cases. Investigators obtain video  evidence of Child Endangerment, Child Abuse, Neglect, Drug or Alcohol Abuse, Living Conditions, Identify Who Is Caring For A Child. Evidence can be submitted to the Court or CPS Child Protective Services

How get evidence of Cohabitation?



How get evidence of Cohabitation? Proving Cohabitation usually requires Video Evidence of occupants, DMV registration, Database research linking individuals to a residence, Employment and in some cases proof that occupants represent themselves as a Couple.

What is Fathers Rights or Dads Law?

Fathers Rights


What is Fathers Rights or Dads Law? To often Fathers become victims of a bias court system. Either forced to pay an unfair amount in Child Support & Alimony or even worse losing Custody or Parenting Time. Since 1994 we have fought to protect the rights of fathers.

We have the best team of Superior & Family Court investigators ready to assist you


Established in 1994 We have the best team of Superior & Family Court investigators ready to assist you in: San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange County, Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Ventura County, Central Valley, Central Coast, Sacramento, and in the San Francisco Bay Area

Child Support Investigators

Child Support Case


How Child Support Investigators help you Win & Collect Court Ordered Child Support. The Child Support Calculator shows how much Child Support you may collect. Our Investigators can provide Proof of Income, Employment, Assets, Real Property, & Residence to be used on California Child Support Forms.

How to Collect Child Support from a Deadbeat Parent?

Deadbeat Parent


How to Collect Child Support from a Deadbeat Parent? We specialize in tracking down Deadbeat Parents and help you collect the Child Support your children deserve. We identify and get evidence of Self-Employed, Hidden Assets, Paid Under The Table, False Income Statements, Paid Cash, Fraud.

California Superior Court can issue Spousal Support Modification or Termination of Alimony.

Alimony Termination


California Superior Court can issue Spousal Support Modification or Termination of Alimony. Surveillance investigation can provide Video Evidence of CohabitationEmployment and Income. Background Investigations can prove Marital Status or Domestic Partnership

The Best Private Investigator For Divorce

Divorce Court


How can an Investigations help in Divorce Court? Divorce Investigations usually focus on Prenuptial Agreement Violation, Infidelity, Hidden Assets, Net Worth, Investments, Business Income all can be used to establish Child Custody, Child Support, Alimony and Deadbeats

Get a Free Confidential Consultation From A Licensed Superior & Family Court Investigator

Free Consultation

Get a Free Confidential Consultation From A Licensed Superior & Family Court Investigator. We understand hiring an Investigator can be intimidating. Have a California Private Investigator assist you through the investigation process, answer your questions and be there for you every step of the way. No Credit Card Needed

Surveillance Investigation



Surveillance Investigations are used to obtain Video Evidence. With over 25 Years Experience, our expert agents use state of the art equipment to get video evidence for Deadbeat, Child Custody, Child Support, Spousal Support Modification, Divorce Cohabitation, and Legal Investigations.

Legal Investigations

Legal Investigations

Since 1994 our Legal Investigators have assisted Attorneys and Law Firms obtain evidence for negotiations and trial. Witness Statements, Surveillance, DivorceAlimony & Spousal Support Modification, Infidelity, Cohabitation, Dissolution

How to get the Lowest Rate on a Private Investigator?

Lowest Rates

How to get the Lowest Rate on a Private Investigator? For 25 Years we have been providing our clients with The Best Investigation Services at the Lowest Rates possible. Special Discounts & Programs that will save you money. AAA, Military, Single Parent, Student, Teacher, AARP, Low Income, 0% APR Financing

Get Free Case Help & The Lowest Rates

Since 1994 California Superior Family Court Investigator has provided FREE information on Superior and Family Court Cases. With licensed Private Investigators serving every courthouse in California finding the best private investigator for your case is quick and easy.


Your Personal Family Court Investigator Will Provide The Following At No Cost or Obligation:

  1. Answer All Your Questions

  2. Confidential Consultation

  3. Case Analysis

  4. Investigative Plan Of Action

  5. Coordinate With Your Attorney


You may qualify for Special Discounts on Child Custody, Child Support, Deadbeat Investigations, Surveillance, DivorceCohabitation, Spousal Support Modification, Child Support Modification, Legal Investigations, Fathers Rights & Dads Law Cases.

Hire A Private Investigator Or An Attorney / Lawyer

This Free information is meant to help you understand how a licensed Private Investigator can assist you and/or your Attorney with Superior and Family Court cases.

  • For the most part an Attorney is someone who can act and speak on your behalf with regard to legal matters. Often Attorneys will have specific knowledge about case law and processes that they can present to the court to argue for an issue in your favor.

  • A Private Investigator actually gathers and obtains evidence (usually in the form of Video, Photographic & Document Research) that can be used to show the court proof regarding an issue in your favor. An Attorney is recommended, but usually not needed to submit the evidence to the Court or Court Appointed Mediator.

We Recommend You Hire Or Consult With An Attorney / Lawyer With Any Legal Issue

What Is A Court Ordered Investigation?

A Court Ordered Investigation is when the court need more facts regarding an accusation, claim or evidence presented to the court.


Who Can Order An Investigation? Judges, Court Mediators and Attorneys may request that the Court order and investigation.

Can I Order An Investigation? When a party to the action want to investigate or gather evidence to support their case or to prove the other party has no case, they should hire a licensed private investigator who handles court cases.

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