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Coronavirus Child Custody Violation

Child Custody

At the suggestion from my attorney I hired the child custody department. Not only did they get everything I needed they gave me a huge discount and still came in under budget. I highly recommend them to anyone involved in a custody battle

J. Paulie   


I needed video proof of court ordered custody violations. After two days more was going on than I thought. I had them do the entire time my ex had custody and it was well worth it. My attorney filed to modify custody and we got it. Thank you for your hard work.

K. Johnson   

Saved Me Time & Money

After years of back and forth in court a friend told me about this company. They answered all my questions, gave me a game plan, and put everything in writing. I used their investigations in court and finally got the judge to hear my side.

F. Giovanni   

How To Stop A Co-Parent From Violating The Coronavirus Laws?
Is A Parent Exposing Your Child To The Coronavirus?
Find The Best Coronavirus Child Custody Investigator In Your Area.

Stop Parent Violating Coronavirus Law

How To Stop A Co-Parent From Violating Coronavirus Safety Guidelines? California Child Custody Investigators conduct surveillance to get video evidence of parents violating the Shelter In Place and Social Distancing guidelines. Learn How To Protect Your Children with a Free Confidential Case Analysis


Child Endangerment

Is A Parent Exposing Your Child To The Coronavirus? Coronavirus Endangerment Investigations Specialize in obtaining evidence of Child Endangerment. Learn what to do when a parent is carelessly exposing a child to the Coronavirus. Contact a licensed Child Custody Investigator In Your Area for free information 

Find A Coronavirus Investigator

Find The Best Coronavirus Child Custody Investigator In Your Area. With over 25 Years Experience and licensed investigators throughout California. Finding the best Custody Investigator in your area is just a click away. We will answer all of your questions It's always Free & Confidential

Coronavirus: Parents Putting Children In Danger

Are Parents Putting Their Children In Danger? In California the Stay At Home & Shelter In Place orders now includes no visiting Beaches, Parks, Trails, Public Areas, unless it is for Medical reasons or to purchase essentials. Unfortunately people including parents are not abiding by these orders. 

A Parent Can Have The Coronavirus For 14 Days Without Symptoms. This makes co-parenting especially difficult because the spread of the Coronavirus COVID-19 can happen even if a parent and child stay inside during custody.

Dangers Of Spreading The Coronavirus

  • Up To 14 Day Incubation

  • What Was A Parent Doing 14 Days Ago

  • What Is A Parent Doing Now

  • Who's Been In Parent's Residence

  • Who's Been In Parent's Vehicle

What Is California Child Custody Investigations Doing To Help? Since 1994 we have helped parents protect their children. The Coronavirus is a whole new danger to children, parents and families. Our Child Custody Investigators are not only trained to obtain evidence of abuse, but they have received additional training on documenting violations of Coronavirus safety guidelines that can be used in emergency custody hearings.

Top 10 Investigators To Protect Your Children From The Coronavirus

Coronavirus & Child Custody Orders

How Is The Coronavirus Affecting Child Custody? What can you do is you believe a co-parent is violating the Shelter In Place and Social Distancing orders? We recommend conducting surveillance to obtain video evidence of the violations. From there you or your attorney can requesting an emergency hearing to amend the current Custody Order and protect your children. 

Family Court Hearing During Coronavirus Closure

On March 19, 2020 California closed all courts. On March 23, 2020 Most Family Courts in California opened to hear Emergency cases with involving public health and safety.

Emergency Cases Include:

  1. Ex Parte Child Custody Motions

  2. Temporary Guardianship

  3. Temporary Conservatorship

  4. Restraining Orders

Modify Parenting Time During Coronavirus

Can You Modify Parenting Time During The Coronavirus Outbreak? Unless both parents are in agreement, your attorney will have to show the court just cause to modify parenting time orders. Your attorney will need evidence that a parent is being negligent.


  • Violating Coronavirus Safety Guidelines 

  • Exposure To The Coronavirus

  • Travel Is Impossible

  • Works In A High Risk Environment

  • Violating Current Parenting Time Orders

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