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Save On Attorney Fees & Court Costs

Is Your Court Case Stressing You Out?

Save On Attorney Fees and Court Costs
  1. Attorney Fees

  2. Nothing Getting Resolved

  3. Judge Not Hearing You

  4. Courts Taking Too Long

  5. Getting Worse Not Better

California Private Investigator Can Help Win Your Case?

Attorneys file papers, appear in court and present your case. In most cases there is no hard evidence, so the Court issues a continuance.

How can a Private Investigator help?

  • Obtains video evidence that helps prove your case

  • Helps Attorneys show the court proof in your favor

  • Testifies as an independent witness for your Attorney

  • Would this help you win your case?

How A Private Investigation Save You Money?

When the Court doesn't see enough evidence to prove your case, they set another Court date and you have to pay more Attorney and Legal fees.

How can a Private Investigator help?

  • Having evidence could mean settlement and no trial

  • Having proof can help Attorneys win in less time

  • The less an Attorney works the less they charge

  • Would this help you save money?

Should I Hire A Private Investigator Or Attorney?

You should Always consult with an Attorney. As you saw above, using a Private Investigator to gather evidence and an Attorney to present the evidence can help you win and save you money.

Cost difference between Attorney & Investigator

  • Attorneys Cost $300 to $500 & up

  • Investigators Cost 50% to 75% less

  • We offer Discounts & Free Services

Get Help With Your Court Case

Now that you see how a Private Investigator can help you Win your Court Case and Save You Money, we will now help you step by step through the process.

How to get started?

  • Learn more about your case below

  • Get a Free Case Analysis

  • Email a Legal Investigator

  • Call a Legal Investigator

  • It's Free & Confidential

Save On Child Custody Case

Child Custody Case


How Investigators obtain evidence that can be used in Child Custody Cases.

Save on Cohabitation Case



How Investigators get evidence to prove Cohabitation to the court?

What is Fathers Rights or Dads Law?

Fathers Rights


What is Fathers Rights or Dads Law and how we can help?

We have the best team of Superior & Family Court investigators ready to assist you


With locations throughout California we Near You and ready to help. 

Save on Child Support Case

Child Support Case


How Investigators help you Win & Collect Court Ordered Child Support.

California Superior Court can issue Spousal Support Modification or Termination of Alimony.

Alimony Termination


How Investigators help with Spousal Support Modification and Alimony?

Private Investigator Divorce

Divorce Court


How Investigators help in Divorce Court and Breach of Prenuptial Agreement? 

Get a Free Confidential Consultation From A Licensed Superior & Family Court Investigator

Free Consultation

Get a Free Confidential Consultation From A Licensed Investigator.

Save on Deadbeat Parent Case

Deadbeat Parent


How Investigators help you Collect Child Support from a Deadbeat Parent? 

Surveillance Investigation



 How Surveillance Investigators obtain Video Evidence?

Legal Private Investigations

Legal Investigations

Learn more about Legal Investigations and services we offer Law Firms 

How to get the Lowest Rate on a Private Investigator?

Lowest Rates

How to get the Lowest Rate and Save Money on your Court Case?

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