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How To Get Proof Of Infidelity?

Cost of infidelity Investigation

Cost Of Infidelity Investigation?


How Much Does An Infidelity Investigation Cost? Since 1994 Infidelity Investigations has offered Free tools to identify the Signs Of Cheating & Infidelity and several programs to save you money. Get a Free Case Analysis & Confidential Consultation

How To Catch A Cheater

How To Catch A Cheater?


Learn How Licensed Cheater Investigators Catch Cheaters. California Infidelity Investigators use Infrared, Night Vision, High Definition, Covert & Hidden Cameras to obtain video evidence and get proof of Infidelity Discreetly & Confidentially

Find The Best Infidelity Investigator
Private Investigator Financing

How To Get Proof Of Infidelity?

Five Steps To Prove Infidelity?

The five steps Infidelity Investigation

1) Free Confidential Consultation.
2) Determine The Best Course Of Action.

3) Establish The Best Date & Time To Get Proof Of Infidelity.

4) Conduct Infidelity Investigation 
5) Document Locations, People and Activity.


You will receive a detailed Report & Surveillance Video proving Infidelity so you can Stop living with the anxiety of Not Knowing. Get A FREE CONFIDENTIAL CONSULTATION In Your Area

How To Get Proof Of Infidelity

Infidelity Investigation Free Consultation

What Is An Infidelity Investigation Consultation?

You will have Free Confidential access to a licensed Infidelity Investigator. You can choose Telephone or E-Mail. Whichever is convenient and comfortable for you.


You can ask your Infidelity Investigator any questions and get answers from a professional with over 25 years experience. Your Infidelity Investigator will help you with the signs of Infidelity and the best method of getting proof of Infidelity all Free and Confidentially.


No Obligation, No Credit Card Needed

Infidelity Investigation Free Confidential Consultation

How To Get Video Proof Of Infidelity?

Can An Infidelity Investigator Get Video Of Infidelity?

Infidelity Surveillance Investigators use specialized driving techniques, state of the art video equipment and over 25 years of experience to follow possible cheaters and obtain as much Video Proof Of Infidelity as possible. 


Infidelity Video Shows Proof Of:
Locations: Where they are at a specific Date & Time

Who They Meet: Identifies who they meet and their activities.

Proof Of Infidelity: Video will show the nature of their relationship. Body Language, Holding Hands, Kissing, Showing Intimacy.

How To Get Video Of Infidelity

How Much Does An Infidelity Investigation Cost?

What Does An Infidelity Investigation Charge?

Hiring The Best Infidelity Investigator doesn't have to be expensive! Since 1994 we have provided our clients with the best Infidelity Investigations at an affordable rate.


How Do We Save You Money?
Licensed Investigators: Experienced Experts In Infidelity Investigations

Mobile Offices: Less Overhead & We Pass The Savings To You
Less Waste: We don't have a secretarial staff that act as a middle person.  This saves Time, Money and gives you direct access to the Investigator working your case.

How Much Does An Infidelity Investigation Cost?

Find The Best California Infidelity Investigator

Find A Licensed Private Investigator In Your Area

With Licensed Private Investigators throughout California, finding the Best California Private Investigator is just a click away. For a Free Confidential Consultation just click an image below and you will will be directed to the best private investigator near you. CaliforniaSan Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange County, Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Ventura County, Central Valley, Central Coast, Sacramento, San Francisco Bay Area

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