Alimony & Spousal Support

How To Collect or Modify Spousal Support

Alimony & Spousal Support Investigations
How To Collect Alimony? How To Modify Alimony?
Spousal Support Modification How To Modify Spousal Support?

How To Collect Alimony?

How To Modify Alimony?

Questions About Alimony? How To Collect or Modify Alimony? Since 1994 California Alimony Investigations has helped out clients Modify and Collect Court Ordered Alimony. Get a Free Confidential Consultation and the Lowest Rates on Alimony Investigations. Learn what can affect Alimony Payments such as Cohabitation. Is There A Way To  Calculate Alimony and Spousal Support?


How Much Alimony?

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Spousal Support Modification

How To Modify Spousal Support?

How Can A Private Investigator Help Me Modify My Spousal Support Payments? Spousal Support Investigations has over 25 Years Experience of gathering evidence to help you Collect Spousal Support or apply for Spousal Support Modification under Family Law Code 4323(a)1. Our licensed Private Investigators are here for you throughout the investigation and   will work with your Attorney to Win Your Case.

Spousal Support Investigator

Collect or Modify Spousal Support?
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Paying Too Much Alimony? Can I Modify Alimony Payment?

Spousal Support Investigator

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How To Find A Alimony and Spousal Support Investigator Near You? With licensed Alimony & Spousal Support Investigators throughout California you can find the best investigator in your area. Our Investigator will get the evidence you need at the Lowest Rates in California. We specialize in Background InvestigationSurveillanceCohabitation, Divorce, Child Support, Child Custody, Alimony Investigations.

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Paying Too Much Alimony?

Can I Modify Alimony Payment?

How To Know If You're Paying Too Much In Alimony? How To Modify Alimony Payment? California Alimony & Spousal Support Investigations work for a fair and balanced Spousal Support Agreement. We work with your Family Law Attorney to obtain evidence for California Superior Court. Don't wait another day to protect your rights to get the Spousal Support you deserve or Stop Paying Too Much Alimony


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How To Get Alimony Or Spousal Support?

What Are The Steps To Get Alimony?

Alimony or Spousal Support can be established by opening a court case. A spouse or partner may ask a judge to rule on a Spousal Support case and order Alimony as part of one of the case types listed below:

  1. Annulment

  2. Legal Separation

  3. Domestic Violence

  4. Restraining Order

  5. Divorce​


The judge may award Temporary Spousal Support which mean Alimony payments will be ordered while the case is proceeding. A full Spousal Support order can be made once the divorce is final and Alimony must be paid for the duration set by the court.

How To Modify Alimony Or Spousal Support Payments?

How Can A Spousal Support Investigator Help Modify Alimony?

How Can A Spousal Support Investigator Help? Since 1994 California Alimony Investigations has offered the Lowest Rates in California and Specialize in Child Custody InvestigationsChild Support InvestigationsChild Support Modification Investigations, Surveillance Investigations, Cohabitation Investigations. Get a Free Confidential Cohabitation Consultation and the Learn How We Can Help With Your Spousal Support Case.

Can I Stop Paying Alimony Or Spousal Support?

California Laws To Modify Or End Spousal Support

There are some circumstances that could end Alimony payments. If the Spousal Support court order date has an ended, then you can stop making payments. A court clerk can advise you on the procedure.

If you are making Spousal Support payments and the other party remarries or enters into a domestic partnership, you may have the right to end or modify Alimony payments. Our Cohabitation Investigator specialize in obtaining evidence of Cohabitation

Your court may also require you to request a motion to change a spousal support order.

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