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My ex didn't want us to have 50/50 custody, so she could get more child support. This company was able to get me evidence that she was violating my right to watch the kids if she couldn't.


Fathers Rights Investigator


I was paying alimony & child support. My wife thought it would be a good idea to move a guy into the house I'm paying for. NOT! Investigator got proof of cohabitation. No more free ride



The court believed my ex's lies, while she was the one partying around our kids. Fathers rights did surveillance and criminal checks on her friends. After an emergency hearing I won custody.

Mario C.   

Fathers Rights Investgation Services

What Is Fathers Rights Investigation Services?

Since 1994 Fathers Rights Investigations Has Helped Dads With Child Custody | Child Support | Cohabitation | Alimony | Spousal Support Modification | Family Court | Divorce Cases | Protect The Rights Of California Fathers. Learn more about our Special Discounts and Low  Rates to our Fathers Rights clients.

Fathers Rights Child Custody

Fathers Rights

Child Custody

How Can A Fathers Rights Investigations Help Win Child Custody? With over 25 Years Experience in Child Custody Investigations Drug or Alcohol Abuse | Custody Order Violations  | First Right Of Refusal | Visitation & Parenting Time | Child Neglect | Child Endangerment | Custody Modification

Fathers Rights Child Support
How Fathers Protect Their Parental Rights?

Fathers Rights

Child Support

How Do Fathers Rights Investigators Help With Child Support? Dads need to support their children, but that doesn't mean they need to overpay! See  Child Support Calculator | Modify Child Support PaymentsChild  Support & Cohabitation | Spousal Support & Alimony Modification Free Confidential Consultation

How Fathers Protect Their Parental Rights?

What Can Fathers Do To Protect Their Rights? Fathers Rights Investigations helps Fathers Protect their Right to be a Dad. We a obtain evidence to prove your case in court. Surveillance |  Statements | Background Checks | Violation of First Right To Refusal | False Allegations | Cohabitation | Court Order Violations


How Much Does Fathers Rights Investigator Charge?

What Does Fathers Rights Investigator Cost? Since 1994 Fathers Rights Investigations has offered Free Services along with Special Discounts & Lowest Rates on Child Custody InvestigationsChild Support InvestigationsChild Support Modification Investigations, Surveillance Investigations, Cohabitation Investigations. With over 25 Years Experience, we will work with you and your Family Law Attorney to get the evidence to win your case. Let our expert investigators go to work for you.


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