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Cheaters Investigator Coronavirus 

Cheaters Investigator Coronavirus COVID-19

Dangers Of Infidelity & Cheating During Coronavirus COVID-19

What are the dangers of Cheating & Infidelity during the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak? On top of the risk of contracting sexual transmitted diseases such as Herpes, HIV and AIDS which there is no cure for. Cheaters also risk bringing home and spreading the Coronavirus COVID-19.

Are People Cheating During Coronavirus?

With all the closures, are people cheating during the Coronavirus outbreak? Short answer YES. We have seen some significant changes in where and when people are cheating and engaging in infidelity. Below you can use the Free Tools & Resources to identify Cheating and ways to protect yourself.

Confirmed Case Cheater Catches Coronavirus

A Confirmed Case Of Cheating Husband Caught The Coronavirus. On a secret getaway to Italy with his mistress a married man catches the Coronavirus COVID-19. After being questioned by investigators, he admitted to lying to his wife so her could take a woman who he had been having an affair with to Italy.

Infidelity & Second Wave Of COVID-19

Second Wave Of COVID-19 Cases Hits California. As people started to return to work and moving back into their routines a second wave of COVID-19 cases has spiked in California. Cheaters Investigators have also seen a spike in cheating and infidelity cases.

What Are The Signs Of Cheating & Infidelity

What Are The Signs Of

Cheating & Infidelity 


How Do You Know If Your Partner Is Cheating? Cheaters Investigations has 25 Years Experience helping people protect themselves from Cheating & Infidelity. Our Free Tips & Tools will help you identify the signs of Cheating

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Coronavirus Cheating With A Co-Worker 


Cheating With A Co-Worker During The Coronavirus? Even with business closures we are still catching co-workers continuing their affairs. Learn how they are meeting up and how we get proof of their Cheating & Infidelity

How To Catch A Cheater Get Proof Of Infidelity

How Do Cheaters

Investigators Get Proof?

How Cheaters Investigators Get Proof Of Infidelity. We work with you to determine the best Day & Time to conduct Surveillance. We Document Where They Go | Identify Who They Meet | Obtain Video Evidence Of Their Activities Discreetly & Confidentially

Off Work Because Of Corona Virus

My husband was off work because of the coronavirus and was working from home. He was leaving almost everyday to run errands which was odd. I had the cheaters investigator follow him and two days in a row he met a girl from his work at her apartment. Hope I don't get sick.

G. Heisenberg   

Cheater Caught In Car

This company did a great job getting proof. I would have never thought they would do something like this in our van at a park. I'm still in shock they put me and our kids at risk, especially when they were the one making a big deal about the coronavirus. 

Name Withheld   

How Do Co-Workers Cheating During Coronavirus

Cheating With Coworker

Even with businesses closed or running a modified schedule due to the Coronavirus, how are Cheating Co-Workers are still meeting to have Affairs?

How Are Co-Workers Cheating When Business Is Closed?

  • Has to drop something off at work

  • Needs to pick up something from work

  • Work meeting at different location

  • Needs to pick up supplies at store

  • Needs a break from being at home

  • Offers to buy groceries

Where Do Co-Workers Meeting To Cheat?

  • Hotels

  • Each Other's Home

  • Beaches

  • Parks

  • Shopping Centers

  • In Their Car

Cheating During Coronavirus

How Are Cheaters Meeting During The Coronavirus

With the closure of Restaurants, Bars and Clubs, how are Cheaters meeting people to have Affairs? Even with the Coronavirus, Cheaters are being resourceful with how the connect with other people and where they go to cheat.

With The Coronavirus How Are Cheaters Meeting People?

  • Websites

  • Apps

  • Social Media

  • Past Hook Ups

  • Coffee Houses

  • Gas Stations

Where Do They Meet To Cheat?

  • Hotels

  • Each Other's Home

  • In Their Car

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